Intumescent FIRESTOP coatings are designed for efficient fire protection of steel and wood constructions; cable and pipe penetration holes through walls and gaps between building structures.

These modern thin-film coatings are manufactured in accordance with high technological requirements regarding functionality, method of application, cost-effectiveness and environmental standards, and they are classified as fire retardant protective coatings within passive fire protection.

Due to its special formula, in a fire situation, FIRESTOP components react in a way to form foam insulator which protects steel and wood constructions for the period of up to 90 min. In this way, necessary time is provided for fire fighters and other lifesaving teams to evacuate people, extinguish fire, and thus minimalize atrocities and material damage.


Efficacy of fire protection and the quality of FIRESTOP coatings have been tested and accredited by the most prominent local and foreign institutes.

Keeping up with global trends and promotion of the existing formulations by testing new materials result in continuous improvement of FIRESTOP products. The ultimate goal is to achieve full fire protection efficacy and to reduce consumption and help faster completion of work.

Primers and top coatings in PRIMTEC and CENTURION lines, as additional components of the FIRESTOP system ensure the preparation and protection of surfaces and intumescent coatings from corrosion, atmospheric, mechanical and other impacts.