Preimers for Wood


A water-based primer for protection and impregnation of wood. In the FIRESTOP system it is used as a primer which is applied on wood surfaces before intumescent coatings FIRESTOP wood and FIRESTOP wood X-MART CC

Transparent one-component coating made on base of acrylic resins

Application: airless gun, a spray gun, a brush, or roller

Consumption: 1 kg dissolved in water in ratio 1:2 – 1:4 is sufficient for 10m2

It is recommended as an additional impregnation and preparation of wood. It also reduces the consumption of intumescent coatings


Wood impregnation

It protects wood and provides ideal base for intumescent coating

It is water-based

No unpleasant smell

Simple application

Quick drying coating, prepared for use dissolved in water 1:4 and applied with a sprayer or a brush