Other Products

Other Products


Synthetic solvent for primers and top coats.

Convenient for dissolving synthetic primers and top coats from Primtec and Centurion range. It is added to paints normally in 10 – 15% until the necessary viscosity is reached, which depends on applicaton and working conditions.


Anti-corrosive liquid for removal and neutralizing of corrosion on steel and metal.

By applying ANTIKOROZION, corrosion is removed and protective film is formed which prevents further corrosion.

It is necessary to degrease metal surfaces and remove oxide layer with organic solvent, and then to remove rust mechanically. After that, ANTIKOROZION can be applied with a brush of by soaking a metal part. When drying is completed, a dust-like layer should be removed which leaves a grey film. This grey film protects metal from corrosion, but it is also a good foundation for paints and lacquers. This procedure should be repeated for those parts which were heavily corroded.


ZIZOL is a protective mixture used for wood protection from woodworm.

It is efficient for cleaning and decreasing engines and metal surfaces, based on organic solvents and surfactants.

Spray the engine, or other metal surface. Wash it with water jet, wait for about 10 min, and dry with a cloth.


This filler is used for correct damages which occurred after the white FIRESTOP intumescent coating had been applied.

It is used for small damages on construction elements covered with white FIRESTOP coating. Such damages usually occur during transportation or assembling of elements, or if a coating is applied at unsuitable weather conditions, or exposed to atmospheric conditions such as rain, snow, hail, etc.

If a damage is small, remove dirt if there is any, use sand paper and painting knife to remove the damaged parts. After, use the FIRESTOP filler to fair surface imperfections. In case an anti-corrosive primer is damaged, if needs to be repaired before the FIRESTOP filler is applied.



Heat-resistant adhesive used for mineral wool and thermal insulation foil in production of insulation boards.

This eat-resistant adhesive based on sodium silicate. It is used in construction industry and in production of various types of thermal insulation boards made of mineral wood and metal, heat insulating foils, and other metal materials. TERMABOND is sodium-silicate based adhesive, in the form of odorless, transparent to yellowish viscose liquid which solidifies as it dries up.

To be applied with a brush or a roller, on even, dry and clean surfaces. The thickness of applied layer depends on the porosity of the treated surfaces. Drying time is several hours at ordinary atmospheric conditions, and total firmness is reached in 24 hours.


Efikasno sredstvo za zaštitu drvene građe i konstrukcija od crvotočina.

It provides efficient and long lasting protection of timber and wood constructions from woodworm and similar harmful organisms. With 1 l, 3-4m2 can be covered depending on humidity and type of wood.

To be applied with a sprayer or a brush on a dry and dust-free surface. If the wood has already been damaged, repeat the application of ZIZOL. If the damage is serious, ZIZOL should be injected with a syringe in little holes in the wood. Make sure there is adequate ventilation while doing this. Use of protective equipment is necessary.