Intumescent water-based coating for fire protection of steel and steel constructions from cellulosic fire

One component water-based white matt coating

Attested fire resistance for 30, 60 and 90 min

Application: airless gun, a brush, roller or a spray gun

Consumption: 1,8 – 1,9 kg/m2 for1000µm DFT

Drying time: several hours, depending on temperature, humidity, air current, as well as on the thickness of the applied coating. Please find more information in the Application Instructions


Extraordinary performance

Great fire resistance with thin layer of coating


Correct expansion of a coating and formation of foam-like insulator

High environmental standards

This coating is water based, halogen free, solvent-free

Quick and easy application

Application directly from packaging without dissolving. Drying time between layers is several hours. Easy correction of possible damage

Advanced formulation

It is possible to apply a thicker film which speeds up completion of work

Durability of protection

Long period of exploitation

FIRESTOP system for fire protection of steel

FIRESTOP steel is used together with compatible primers and top coats (water-based, nitro-cellulose based, alkyd based, polyurethane based or epoxy based) and provides efficient anti-corrosive and fire protection as well as decorative element.

We would like to recommend the system made of


Anticorrosive synthetic primer


Intumescent coating


Synthetic top coat

We also offer FIRESTOP steel coating for exterior work, combined with suitable primers and top coats for outside.

Please contact our Technical department for further information and advice about the ideal system for your needs.

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