Anti-corrosive Coatings


Anti-corrosive primer for protection of steel constructions, profiles, and metal elements. In the FIRESTOP system, it is used as a primer which is applied before an intumescent FIRESTOP steel coating.

Synthetic quick drying anticorrosive primer

Made on base of alkyd resins, organic solvents and anti-corrosive pigments

Available in oxide red and grey colour

Application: airless gun, a brush, roller or a spray gun

Consumption: 1 kg covers 5-6 m2 (two layers)

Drying time: dry to touch in 1 h; another layer after 6h. Completely dry in 24 h


Efficient anti-corrosive protection

Excellent adhesiveness on metal surface and resistance to atmospheric conditions

Simple application

Apply by spraying or with a brush, with drying time between layers – enables more dynamic work completion

Ideal foundation for intumescent coating