Fire Protection

About Intumescent Coatings

Intumescent fire protective coatings expand in a fire situation. Due to their fire retardant property, in a fire situation they prevent its further spreading and consequences in a defined period of time. This length of time is of the utmost importance since it enables evacuation and saving people from burning buildings, while it gives fire fighters additional time to extinguish fire and prevent the buildings from collapsing.

The length of time depends on the quality and specific features of fire protective products, as well as on the thickness of the applied coating. It is verified in accredited laboratories which issue reports on testing, so called certificates – attestations, in accordance with the applicable national standards which regulate methods of testing for each type of protection.

The application of intumescent coatings is widespread all over the world and it is used for protection of: steel, wood, concrete, electrical cables, etc.

Benefits of intumescent coatings

Simple application

Reduced load on construction in comparison with other sorts of fire protection.

Excellent anti-corrosive property as a part of the system.

Recognizable and visually appealing of metal constructions.

Mechanism of Action of Intumescent Coatings

Intumescent coatings are a combination of different materials which in a situation of increased temperature interact and form carbon foam.

This foam expands 10 to 100 times its original coating and thus insulates construction due to its low thermal conductivity.

To summarize, components in a coating react at relatively low temperatures (180 – 220°C), mainly caused by fire. Such chemical reaction makes them release gases, which (at temperature of about 250°C) cause the coating to expand – swell.

The newly formed foam insulator provides excellent protection of coated materials for a certain period of time.

For example, 1 mm thick layer of dry coating which is applied on metal construction can expand 50 times its thickness and reach an insulating layer of 50 mm.

Requirements for Intumescent Coatings

Apart from their basic protective function, intumescent coatings must provide technological solutions for a number of other problems.

Adhesiveness on a surface of a construction or on a primer

Esthetic requirements and compatibility with top coats

Correct expansion

Stability of the formed foam – insulator



FIRESTOP has been created as a system of coatings for efficient fire protection of steel and wood constructions and their elements

Maximum efficacy and reliability of protection is provided by a system which comprises

Base coating – primer

Intumescent fire protective coating

Top decorative coating

Firestop System - Primer

PRIMTEC steel S200

Alkyd primer

PRIMTEC steel B100

Quick drying alkyd primer

PRIMTEC steel 1 step coat

Quick drying alkyd primer

PRIMTEC steel Zn

Alkyd primer with zinc phosphate


Epoxy primer


Epoxy primer with zinc phosphate


Intermediate coating with MIOX

PRIMTEC 2K shop primer

Epoxy shop primer


Primer for wood protection

The choice of a suitable primer is one of the key factors of protection. The compatibility of a primer and an intumescent coating can be decisive for proper functioning of FIRESTOP system. The primer is a foundation of fire protection system, and therefore must be reliable and secure.

We offer primers which meet all the requirements and are fully compatibility with an intumescent coating. The application is conventional – it is applied with airless spray method, a spray gun, a roller or a brush.

Protection of metal and other metal surfaces, requires a primer which provides exellent anti-corrosive properties, and makes a good foundation for an intumescent coating. Our primers must be applied to a prepared metal surface with no traces of corrosion, grease and dirt, following the instructions found in the Technical manual. We recommend to our clients to get advice from our technical support staff regarding the choice of a primer, compatibility of intumescent coatings with other primers, and other questions related to the application of coatings.

Wood protection does not always include a primer, but it is recomended for wood preparation, additional impregantion and reduction of intumescent coating consumption.

Firestop System - Intumescent Coating


Intumescent coating for steel protection


Intumescent coating for steel protection


Intumescent coating for wood protection


Intumescent transparent coating for wood protection

FIRESTOP coatings expand to act as fire protection. They are water-based coatings used as passive protection of metal and wood construction buildings, cables and pipes penetration holes through walls and gaps between building structures. FIRESTOP coatings are a modern, halogen-free system of protection which meets current environmental requirements. Exquisite fire protection properties of these coatings have been tested and accredited by the most prominent local and foreign institutes. Efficacy is also verified in real fire situations.

In addition to excellent adhesiveness and compatibility of the primer, the intumescent coating and the top coat, these fire protective systems must solve a problem of correct expansion of a coating and formation of a stable expanded insulation layer.

FIRESTOP coatings have successfully dealt with these problems so coatings expand evenly and the carbon foam is homogenous, compact, and makes excellent thermal insulator. Newly formed foam-like layer is resistant to the action of fire and convective air currents.

Good expanding property and stability of intumescent coatings are a result of the well-balanced ratio of components in FIRESTOP products, the choice of good-quality raw materials and permanent control of products, which all together guarantee their constant quality and efficacy. In order to exploit the maximum of excellent qualities of coatings, it is necessary to use them in a suitable way (handling and application) in accordance with the thorough recommendations found in the Technical Manual of the manufacturer.

FIRESTOP steel X-MART 110 and FIRESTOP steel X-MART 111 are intumescent coatings for fire protection of steel constructions in the interior, i.e. exterior (semi-exposed constructions). Coating is applied on steel constructions which had been previously protected with a primer. The required thickness of an intumescent coating depends on required fire resistance, the thermal capacity of a metal element, actually on its geometry, dimensions and number of sides exposed to fire which are expressed in sector factors.

FIRESTOP wood is an intumescent coating for fire protection of wood and wood constructions in the interior. It can be applied on wood constructions which had been previously protected with a primer, or directly on a wood surface, without use of a primer. A necessary thickness of an intumescent coating depends on required fire resistance, and on dimensions and function of elements in a construction.

FIRESTOP wood X-MART CC is a transparent intumescent coating for fire protection of wood in the interior. Besides protection, it has also a aesthetic function, important for interior decorating. It is applied directly on a wood surface or over suitable primer. A necessary thickness of an intumescent coating depends on required fire resistance, and on dimensions and function of elements in a construction.

Firestop CF 120 is an expanding coating for protection of cables and pipes and their penetration holes through walls.
It is used in combination with hard-pressed rock wool panels.

Firestop X-MART DF 120 an expanding coating for protection and sealing of gaps and dilatations between building structures. It is used in combination with hard-pressed rock wool panels.

FIRESTOP System – Top coat

Centurion B100

Quick drying top coat

Centurion 2K PUR S200

Polyurethane top coat

Centurion 2K EPOX S200

Epoxy top coat

The top coat is the third element of the system. It has a double role: it provides decoration to the protected elements, but it also protects intumescent coatings from humidity and atmospheric conditions. It comes in requested colours from RAL chart.

Same as with a choice of a primer, an adequate top coat is one of the key elements of the system. An unsuitable top coat may destabilize the action of an intumescent coating in the first phase of fire or later during fire, but it can also damage the foam layer and thus enable rapid increase of temperature of metal and wood surfaces, and prevent the action of protective property of intumescent coatings.

Our company offers solutions to make an adequate choice of a top coat carefully so that it does not affect fire protection properties of FIRESTOP intumescent coatings, while giving it protection and decorative feature at the same time. In the first stage of a fire situation, the top coat either burns or falls off which enables intumescent coating to expand timely.