Protection of Wood Constructions

Protection of wood constructions

Wood is a natural and traditionally widespread material in construction industry. Unprotected wood is classified as a combustible material, therefore wood construction have poor resistance in fire situations.

FIRESTOP intumescent coatings offer passive fire protection by reducing temperature and insulating building constructions. In this way, FIRESTOP wood fire protective coatings increase the overall resistance of wood elements to fire, as opposed to many other coatings which only decrease their flammability.

Protection up to

The application of FIRESTOP intumescent coatings is best seen in a phase of fully developed fire when load capacity of wooden elements is protected for up to 90 minutes.

Diagram of fire life cycle, reaction of building materials and fire resistance of constructions

We offer two systems for fire protection of wood


White – based on intumescent coating


Transparent  – based on intumescent coating

FIRESTOP intumescent coatings provide efficient protection of wood elements and constructions for the period of 30, 60 and 90 min. They are made of high quality water-based raw materials and meet high environmental demands. Apart from exquisite fire protective properties, these coatings are easy to apply, durable and cost-effectiveness. In combination with a suitable primer and decorative top coat, they protect wood from atmospheric conditions and give it appealing esthetic touch.

Depending on purpose, esthetic requirements and exposure to atmospheric conditions of wood elements fire protection of wood may often be done without primers or top coats. For instance, in case of treating support wood elements of roofs or the like, fire protection can be achieved by application of FIRESTOP wood alone because the coating will be protected from atmospheric conditions with roof tiles and white color is acceptable as final aesthetic requirement for construction.

The use of transparent FIRESTOP wood X-MART CC in addition to fire protection for up to 60 minutes, enables additional decorative effect of wooden elements that retain visible color and structure.

We recommend consulting with our Technical Service on choosing the most suitable system according to the project requirements.