FIRESTOP Internacional

FIRESTOP programme is a result of many years of research and work on the development and improvement of water-based intumescent fire protective coatings.

Having developed from its modest beginnings within JUGOHEM d.o.o, to its acquisition by a specialized company for production and sales of intumescent coatings FIRESTOP Internacional d.o.o. in 2013, Firestop brand has worked its way to become the leader in the Serbian market of intumescent coatings for protection of steel and wood. The best testimony on the quality of Firestop products is the fact that they have been applied on over 350 buildings all over Serbia which confirms its leading position in fire protection of building constructions.

With professional staff, modernisation of the production process and the quality control system in our new laboratory equipped with the test furnace, FIRESTOP Internacional d.o.o. continually develops and perfects FIRESTOP fire protective coatings in order to meet contemporary trends in production of materials, new technology advances, environmental requirements and market demands. By setting new limits in the fire protection industry, we are determined to continue successful business and provide the best balance between quality and price for our customers.






Shopping Malls

Sports center

Production Factories

Industrial Buildings

How does it work?

Apart from its exquisite efficacy in fire protection of steel and wood structures and construction elements, FIRESTOP system also meets high esthetic requirements, which is of particular importance for engineers, architects and designers.


Display of expansion of the coating and formation of carbon foam in the test furnace


Simulation of fire spreading from a burning building to a building next to it which was protected with fire protective coating and to another building with no protection.


Application of a coating on - site